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Who We Are

Boss Transport & Family Services started in 2006 by CEO Williametta Woods. We began by qualifying for and maintaining contracts with Fairfax and Loudoun County in Virginia. Our goal is to continue to expand and serve the general public across the United States

After focusing on primarily transportation, we are now planning to have services that can assist people with needs inside of their home.  



We are a company designed to help make the lives of older adults and people with special needs living in the United States easier and more comfortable. We provide ambulatory, wheelchair transportation, stretcher, and concierge services.

We treat all clients with dignity, compassion and concern. The staff is friendly, courteous and understands the requirements of older adults and people with special needs. We will be the "stand-in" when a family member cannot be present. We provide relief and peace of mind for families who are caring for members requiring constant attention. We not only care for you but also care about you. The “Drive to care”

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